Thursday, July 6, 2017

I "Only" Wrote This for You

I have a serious problem. I keep finding myself saying that I "only ran 1.5 miles" or "only lost two pounds." Those are terrible things to say because of one hideous word: "only."

Never diminish your success. A triumph is a triumph no matter how big or small. So you lost two pounds. That's actually pretty amazing. You found the courage within yourself to lose those two pounds and before you know it, you will have lost twenty.

Losing weight is all about your mindset, and I'm so glad I am back in a positive place and able to share my thoughts and experiences with you all again.

I didn't want to run tonight. We had such gloomy weather, and honestly I couldn't tell if the water accumulating on my body was sweat, tears, or raindrops, but I did it.

I can't wait to share more non-scale victories with you all, and I hope you have some of your own. Even if it is "only" doing this or "only" doing that. You did it, and I think that makes you pretty bad ass.

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