Monday, July 17, 2017

My Body's Telling Me No, but My Mind, My Mind is Telling Me Yes

I am now two months into the 703rd round of my weight loss journey. Every inch of my body is telling me to quit. My muscles hurt everyday, and I'm so tired. I haven't seen much progress lately, and it's killing me.

Weight loss is not linear. No matter how much you exercise and how well you stick to your calorie allowance, you will see both ups and downs on the scale. Sure, it's so exciting to see the number on the scale go down, but that shouldn't be all your success is based on.

I feel happy, accomplished, and proud, and to me, that is a non-scale victory.  Even though I gained a few pounds this weekend, I deserved it. I deserved to eat tacos, drink mixed drinks, and float in the lake with my girls. However, I got back on my weight loss plan as soon as I got home.

Even though my body is telling me to quit, my mind is telling me to keep going. I have lost 35 pounds, and I am so proud of myself for that. Now, it's time to amp it up and remember why I started. I started because I want a better life. I started because I want to be healthy. I started so I can be the best me I can be.

It's hard not seeing progress on the scale, but I know it will come. Until then, I am going to enjoy this journey and do everything in my power to make sure I stay on track. 


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