Friday, September 4, 2015

Okay, Kim Davis

Okay, Kim Davis. There are many others like you. People who are given job duties that conflict with their beliefs. One of my beliefs is that people should be able to do whatever they choose in their personal lives as long as it doesn't negatively affect others. I believe that good people should live good lives.

I am a tax-paying, hard-working woman, and I don't believe a huge part of my wages should be snatched by the government to pay for things I don't morally agree with. But, I have no choice. If I don't pay taxes, I'm breaking the law, and I go to jail. So, why do you think you are entitled to a choice?

No one is asking you to defy or stop believing in God. By all means, please do not stop believing in God. If you don't realize that something you so strongly believe in has to be compromised for the sake of obeying the law, please resign. There are so many religions and beliefs in the world that I promise your small mind will not veto a free, accepting country's decision.

Although I respect your beliefs, I don't agree with this particular one. I'm just wondering if you can look at a heterosexual couple and tell if they physically or emotionally abuse each other? How can you tell that they're both not going to each seek out an affair via Tinder in three months?  I'm curious as to how you can look at two dudes or two chicks who have a solid love story and deem them unfit for marriage because they happen to be soulmates of the same gender.

I would also love to see stats on how many marriages you have granted have ended in divorce after making it through your superb judge of character. I bet you haven't issued any particular person a marriage license to four different men, four different times. If you don't believe in equality for all, I have two pieces of advice: step down from your position, and don't make your fifth marriage to a woman.

Yes, you currently make $80,000 per year, which basically equates to royalty in Rowan County, so I wouldn't want to leave that paycheck behind either! I could also make a lot of money being a stripper. However, dancing naked in front of other humans for money is against my beliefs, so...I'm not a stripper. You can find a new job. Probably in the form of your own TLC series, and I bet you would at least last two seasons.

I believe in God, and I look to God because I want to be a better person. I want to be a more loving, accepting person and realize that good people, whether rich, poor, fat, skinny, straight, or gay, come in all forms. I want to help people, not hurt them or keep them from something that makes them happy in a world filled with hate. You have the chance to realize that this is how the world is, and we all don't get to plan accordingly. Life is really hard, so step aside if you don't want to enable all people to keep one of the few, amazing parts of that.

With that being said, I don't use God as a tool to rectify discriminating against people. If that's who your God is, then your God is not my God, and I totally accept that. I have bigger things to worry about other than who other people are sleeping with.


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