Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Get by With a Little Help From Pi Phi

When I joined a sorority in 2005, I was expecting to drink and party my college years away. Don't get me wrong. I did my fair share of partying, but what I didn't expect, was to make friends that would be around for a lifetime. 

My sisters have been my rock. Through boyfriends, marriages, divorces, babies, miscarriages, deaths, you name it. And yes, there have also been disagreements, arguments, and physical fights. Well, one physical fight.

Despite the negatives that come with keeping a female friend group in tact, we made it through and have managed to remain friends for over ten years. You all have shared many parts of your lives with me, and I am honored to share mine with you, big or small.

I got bad news the other day, resulting in me becoming super down on myself, so of course I ran to my group text to tell them. Immediately, I was reminded by seven women that I am not a piece of shit. Things happen. Things go wrong. Life doesn't go according to plan, and prayers aren't always answered the way you hoped they'd be. Sometimes you can't do life on your own, and sometimes you need your girlfriends to pick up your pieces and glue you back together.

So, thank you, sisters. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for always being there to laugh with me, to cry with me, and to tell me not to text a boy, even if I really, really want to. You are my angels, and you are the best friends money can buy (literally).


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