Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm Pissed

I've spent a lot of time being pissed at the world lately...

  • I'm pissed that I have a college degree, and I'm working a second job that doesn't even require a high school education.
  • I'm pissed that I have to have said second job because I am thousands of dollars in debt paying for that degree.
  • I'm pissed that when having a pity party about my lack of financial security, I visit Yahoo! News only to find out that 17-year-old Kylie Jenner bought a $3 million house.
  • I'm pissed that many people from my generation think it's okay to cheat on their significant others because they have a digital buffet of other humans to choose from.
  • I'm pissed that one-quarter of my paycheck goes to the government.
  • I'm pissed that I learned the quadratic formula in high school, but not how to build credit, manage my finances, or fill out a FAFSA.
  • I'm pissed that people make racist comments after getting upset about someone being racist.
  • I'm pissed that when I tell a guy I haven't met that I still want to lose more weight, he says "It's okay. I like curvy girls."
  • I'm pissed that JC Penney has a "plus-size" section for little girls. 
  • I'm pissed that Kim Kardashian hired a personal trainer for her 2-year-old child.
  • I'm pissed that I pay for health insurance that isn't even effective until I pay $2,500 out-of-pocket.
  • I'm pissed that people who survive cancer are left with life-long debt.
  • I'm pissed that food that is terrible for you tastes so damn good.
  • I'm pissed that EBT cards are accepted at ATMs.
  • I'm pissed that Blake and Miranda got a divorce without unfollowing each other on Twitter first.
  • I'm pissed that so many people put so much effort into discriminating against people based on who they love or have sex with.
  • I'm pissed that I still get told I need to start loving myself because, like all women, I would like a guy to see me for being a ten on the inside, even if he doesn't think I'm even a solid six on the outside.
  • I'm pissed that after all of my hard work and dedication to lose 100 pounds, I've gained 20.
  • I'm pissed that I have completely lost touch with the person I worked so hard to become.

So, I have one of two options. I can either sit around, like I often do, bitching about how shitty the world is, or I can do my best to make it a better one.

I have said it before, and I will say it for the rest of my life: I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be.There are things I get upset at others for doing when I have done those things myself, and I have made mistakes in life that I will never forget, but those things do not define me, just like one sad news story or one tweet from Nicki Minaj does not define the world and automatically make it a terrible place.

Although it's hard to see, there are still so many good things in the world and yes, still so many amazing people. Not only am going to try my best to keep in mind that there are still good people in the world, but I am going to try so damn hard to be one of them.


  1. I read The Power of Now recently and it has really changed my outlook on things. If you are interested in checking it out, I pasted the link to the free PDF below.

    1. Cool, thanks!! I'll have to check it out!!!


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