Monday, November 27, 2023

Dad & Pugs

My friend Keda tagged me in a post of a dog available for adoption at the Scott Co. Humane Society. He was super cute, so I called and scheduled a meet and greet for a couple days later. He had one the day prior, but they didn’t adopt him. 

So, me, my dad, and my aunt took a trip to Georgetown to meet this little dude named Pugsley. The man who was fostering him happened to get out of his truck with him just as we pulled in. 

I love dogs, but I had just moved into my house, and I was hesitant to get one so soon. As soon as we saw him, my dad said “Okay. Load him up!” I said “Dad, we have to go in and meet each other and fill out paperwork.”

After not even knowing Pugs for more than five minutes, I was signing my life away. 😂 Now that I think about it, I think I adopted him solely on seeing the look of pure joy in my dad’s eyes. 

As we make the drive back to the big city, I start to fall in love with this sweet, little, grumpy-faced boy. 

Twenty minutes later, we pull into my driveway. I open the car door, and Pugs jumps out of the car with his collar and leash on. Then, he decides to back out of his collar and run away. 

Me and my in-their-seventies aunt and father run to grab him. Okay, got him. 

We go inside my house, and I take my dad to my backyard to look at my fence. There was a small gap in between mine and my neighbor’s fence we were unaware of. But…Pugs seemed to know about it all along. 

After a good (err, bad) ten minutes of chasing Pugs and finally trapping and grabbing him, we brought him home safely. 

Anyway, that’s a random story about my dad. And Pugs. And why I miss my dad so much. It sounds crazy, but he brought this little shithead into my life, and for that, I am forever thankful. 

Love you, Daddy. 

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