Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

It's a good thing I never make a New Year's resolution because I already would have failed. It's probably safe to say I've consumed about 10,000 calories in the two days since the clock struck midnight and we entered 2017.

I am in agreement with the rest of the world in saying 2016 was a terrible year. I lost family members, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and I gained about 40 pounds. And unfortunately, just because it's a new year, doesn't automatically mean it's a new me.

I'm going to have to work harder than I ever have to become the "new" Kara. I'm going to have to focus on where I want to be and remember what it takes to get there. I have to keep my eye on the prize because I, for so many reasons, want to be healthy.

I want to be able to walk into Macy's and not have to ask them where the Plus Size section is. I want to be able to eat a restaurant and not have to walk in before my friends so I can get the bigger side of the booth. I want to feel pride in myself again.

I'm the only one who is in charge of my destiny, and sometimes that's hard to face. I've lost weight before, and I will lose weight again. It's going to be a struggle, and although the new me didn't come with the new year, I still have time to make this year a great one.

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