Thursday, November 25, 2021

I’m Thankful for Me!

I’ve been pretty absent from the blog for awhile, as I mostly focus on documenting my journey on TikTok, so here’s an update!

I am down 118 pounds since starting my weight loss journey on March 4 of this year. I began taking a prescription weight loss medication called Phentermine. I also started focusing on my nutrition and exercise by counting calories and working out 6 days per week. 

I started counting calories with the MyFitnessPal app. I am also a fast food addict, so I promised myself I would stop eating fried food. As far as physical fitness goes, I started out walking around the block. The next day, I walked a tiny bit farther, then a little farther the next day, and so on, and so on. Now, I am proud to say I am up to THREE miles, and honestly, I could probably do more than that. 

My year has also been filled with several vacations. I got to see Chicago, Charleston, SC, and OBX! I had so much fun on all of my trips, and while I did not go insane with my calorie intake, I did give myself a break from the workouts. 

Fast forward to October. My success was so swift and steady up until that point. From the beginning, I told myself this journey is for life, and I meant it. Through a six week plateau of losing ZERO pounds, I fought. I stuck to my workouts, ate well, and kept telling myself that even though the scale wasn’t budging, I was still improving my life and getting healthier everyday. 

I am so incredibly proud of myself. In the past, a plateau is where I would just give up. I would throw in the towel, say “eff it,” and speed to McDonald’s. Not anymore!

This morning, I was down three pounds! My hard work was so worth it, and it always will be, even when the scale or the tape measure may not reflect that. 

As we started cooking the Thanksgiving meal today, my aunt showed me a picture she was saving. 

This picture was from June. I had already lost 70 pounds, and I still looked miserable!

So today, I am thankful for my health. I am thankful for my dedication and will power. I am thankful for all I’ve done for myself and how far I have come. 

Now, let’s eat. Happy Thanksgiving!

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