Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dear Thirty

Dear Thirty,

You were amazing. After imagining as a child that you would be a year filled with a brand new house, lots of money, and my own family, you showed me things even greater.

You made it fabulous to be who I am. You enabled me to love myself.  You told me that expecting life to go as planned is a little insane, and that life not doing so is actually the beautiful part. 

But, let's not forget you were stubborn. I was mad at you at times. I wondered why things happened the way they did and why sometimes I worked so hard with little to show for it. 

You sent me the good with the bad, and for that, I am a better person. You were fun, crazy, and life-changing. So, thank you, thirty. You were everything I never expected you to be. 


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