Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Your Daddy

You will be okay. I promise. Life goes on. That’s going to take a while to realize, but most of all…accept. 

You’ll grieve him before he goes. So much. You won’t be able to face friends and coworkers often because although they care (so much), they will ask. They will ask how your dad is and how you are, and you never have a good answer for them.

You’ll have regrets. You’ll waste time being anxious, waiting for the inevitable phone call. 

You’ll love him. You’ll love him like you always have and even more because you know you don’t have him much longer. 

And when he’s gone, you will miss him more than anything. You’ll be so strong recently after his passing that you’ll amaze yourself. He always told you that you were smarter and stronger than you ever thought. 

And after a couple months, you’ll sit down, and every single wall you’ve built up until this point will fall. You’ll find every emotional song he loved, and you’ll listen. You’ll cry. You’ll cry so much. 

You’ll question your religious beliefs and hope Heaven is everything he thought it would be while wondering if he’s reacquainting himself with friends and family who were in his life before you were even born. 

You’ll wonder what’s in store for your life because you finally realized it goes on. The joy, happiness, and humor isn’t gone. It’s just going to appear in different ways, and no matter how it shows itself, your dad will always be there. He will be a part of every happy moment until you see each other again. 

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