Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Believe it Does

It’s so hard to look at yourself and see everything everyone else sees. 

You’re great

You’re pretty. 

You’re talented. 

You’re dedicated. 

You do some things people only

wish they could do. 

Open your eyes, girl. 

Look at not what’s right in front of you, but what’s in you. You got this. You’re strong enough for this. I promise you. 

You have been through and will go through worse. You’ve experienced things some people haven’t experienced, and you’ve had a better life than others have. 

Just because your life is different doesn’t make it any better or worse than others’. 

Life is crazy. It throws you curve balls and makes you think you can’t handle it, but sometimes it throws you home runs. Some of those you experienced early in life, and some are still yet to come. 

Just be patient, sweet girl. Believe in yourself. Believe in life. Believe that it gets better, because I promise you it does. 

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