Monday, November 24, 2014

Being Cheated on Sucks

It sucks being cheated on. It makes you question whether or not your entire relationship was a lie. It makes you wonder why you're not worth it, and you're left wondering why all of the love you've given hasn't been reciprocated. You cry, you get angry, and you would literally murder your (ex) significant other, if you knew you wouldn't go to jail. But, let me be clear...I've never been cheated on, by anyone else at least.

You have to love yourself above anyone else. Some people may disagree, but I'm a firm believer in that statement. If you don't love and take care of yourself, no one else can. One of the worse things when it comes to love is being cheated on, and it also really, really hurts when you cheat in a relationship. Not when you cheat on someone else, but when you cheat on the most important person in your life...yourself.

Through the dozens of times I have started a weight loss journey, I have cheated on myself. I've eaten too much, stopped working out, and just flat out given up. After just a few days of doing those things, I have previously thrown in the towel. This time, I've held on. I've wiped pounds of sweat on that towel, washed it, covered it with more sweat, and that's not a relationship I'm willing to give up on.

Over the past weekend, I ate a lot, I drank a lot, and I worked out zero times. Normally, I would have lied down and covered myself in a blanket of defeat, but not this time. Normally, I would have told myself I couldn't lose the five pounds I gained in a week, and those five pounds would have stayed on my mind forever. Well, forgot those five pounds! I gained the weight, but I am determined to kick every ounce in its ass and begin where I left off last week.

Why sit around and worry about five pounds that will be gone in a few days anyway? I can't dwell on the fact that the scale has moved up by five. But, what I can do, is remember the 90 pounds I have lost. That's what you have to remember anytime you're faced with a setback. Is five pounds really worth ending the whole relationship over? No. I cheated, and I know I will cheat again. I just have to know, deep down in my mind, that I love myself, and I can and will forgive myself for cheating. My relationship with myself is the most significant relationship I will ever have, and although it hurts sometimes, it's totally worth it to hang in there!


  1. No wonder why I ALWAYS have been cheated on. I am a cheater! And although I have never cheated on anyone else, the one person I need to be loyal to is MYSELF. Reading this post only further validated my own thoughts. I always ask "Why" because I am a true believer that we attract in our lives that in which we put out. And over the years I have had failed relationships, deceit, and lies that have made me question my own self worth. Yet, here I am 76 pounds over weight ( was 100, lost 24) and I wonder why I cant attract a person that can love me and be loyal to me. I have been controlled by my own addictions, so who am I to be angry or even wonder why a man can't stay with me long enough to really love me. My vices have had a stronger pull than my own self love. Surely, this is something I have to work on.
    So thank you Kara, for your wise words. And good luck with your weight loss!

    1. Thank you so much! I think it's always a little easier losing weight when we can identify the problem that helped us gain it. I wish you good luck as well! Keep it up! :)


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