Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Attempt at Giving Advice

After having several people ask my advice on how to lose weight, I've finally come up with a decent response. Since I haven't been very dedicated to achieving success over the past month, I can say that putting in hard work to make yourself better actually improves your life as soon as you start and stalls your life when you stop. I promise you that once you start seeing progress, whether it be a declining number, the way your clothes fit, having more guys wanting your phone number, or your life being better in general, you will be addicted.

That's not to say you won't have hurdles of all different sizes along the road. So, if you enjoy writing, at least a little bit, keeping some sort of journal, whether public or private, is something I highly encourage. It keeps you accountable and gives you something to look back on. But more than anything, it's an amazing tool to get you back and stay on track. Only recently, after not posting much over the past month or so, have I realized how helpful putting it all on “paper” can really be. You're going to have short and long periods of falling off the health wagon. Having it all right in front of you makes it so much easier to remember how far you've come and why you even started in the first place. 


My last piece of advice is that you have to keep your brain in check. When people tell you that weight loss is 25-percent exercise and 75-percent diet, they're lying. It's really more like 25-percent exercise, 25-percent diet, and 200-percent mind. You're going to hate it at times. You're going to want to just eat a freaking cheeseburger and be lazy. Thinking about having to eat healthier and exercise is worse then actually doing it, so just stop thinking about how much it could suck.

When you lose momentum in your journey like I have, you have to stop dreading it and re-convince your brain that it's exactly what you need. I'm done choosing the wrong items off of the menu only to feel happy for ten minutes then feel miserable for an entire day or two. I'm done thinking that skipping my run one, or even two days in a row won't really matter. I'm ready to start taking my own advice and start seeing more benefits, so let's do this!

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